In the competitive market of software. AirDiary gives you unique experience of practice management.

Login Screen

Appointments Management

Want to create an appointment for existing Clients? Click on plus icon button from the slot, Select the practitioner from the list and search the client from a searchable list by name and book them quickly. If it is a new patient, add their details by clicking on the add client button.

Some important feature of appointment management –


The calendar provides one-click appointment management. Appointments can be created from different views such as day, week and month by just clicking on the plus icon button. A practitioner can also see all practitioner’s appointments in a different calendar view. An appointment will be displayed according to the selection of a practitioner from the practitioner’s list given on top and if all selected, all appointments will be shown.

Colour scheme

Calendar shows different practitioner’s appointment in different colours for better identification.

Roster control

An appointment slot will be available according to the roster created by the particular practitioner.

Appointment Reminder

Automated SMS reminders will save your time and money. Air diary reminders are set and forget. Messages go out at a time you choose without you needing to do a thing.

Print Appointment

You can print all appointment of a day, week and month with the practitioner name, client name and date time by clicking on print button.